Care Tips

Use and Care Instructions

Your furniture has been kiln-dried and is ready to stain, paint, or water seal to help preserve it and keep it looking nice longer.

Your solid wood furniture should be refinished every 1-5 years depending on the weather in your location. Painted furniture should be primed before applying the final color coat.

Pressure-treated pine that is left as is will weather to a silvery grey. While some enjoy this look, others prefer to maintain a stained or painted look.

Make sure to clean your furniture every 6 months – 1 year with a pressure washer or a soft brush and soap/wood cleaner. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap and let dry. Solid wood furniture should be stored or covered during the winter months. Make sure the furniture is fully dry before covering.

Please note, exposure of all woods to outdoor elements can cause fading, warping, cracking, shrinking or expansion. The manufacturer and distributor of this product cannot be held responsible for damage or changes caused by natural weathering.

If you have any questions or need any advice about how to care for you furniture, please reach out to us at